RCPS Press Report 8th October 2015


The first session of the new season attracted a good attendance with a mix of previous members and hopefully new ones to be. Richard Littlefair, President, welcomed everyone and thanked numerous people for their endeavours in arranging and delivering such an excellent Annual Exhibition. Derek Hodson followed with a ‘state of the nation’ address giving more detail and thanks about the exhibition. The result of visitors’ votes was revealed following 151 or 69% of those attending voting for their favourite images. First over the line and hence the “best in show” was Skye Line by previous President, David Morland (56 votes), closely followed by Swaledale Winter by John Elvin (51 votes). Helen Tabor’s image of Tyneside Reflections (35 votes) sailed into 3rd spot, whilst Red Fox by David Morland cunningly got 29 votes: West Burton Falls with 27 rapid votes earned Tim Nichols fifth spot with Sally Lightfoot Crab by Richard Littlefair nipping into 6th place with 26 votes. Cathedral Dawn by Shaun Argent, Line Dancing by Derek Hodson, and Nidderdale in Winter by Frank Vallely each attracted 25 votes with Dun Towin by Derek Hodson and Dilapidated by Helen Tabor each getting just one less at 24 votes apiece. More members received votes for their images but space dictates brevity here! As well as voting for their favourite images, visitors also chose their favourite photographers, the results for the top ten being as follows: 1st David Morland (117 points), 2nd John Elvin (111), 3rd Helen Tabor (82), 4th Richard Littlefair (69), 5th Derek Hodson (64), 6th David Uffindall (59), 7th Shaun Argent (57), 8th Lyndsay Campbell (51), 9th Tim Nichols (46), and 10th Emma Littlefair (31).

The draw was made to determine which visitor will receive a mounted print of their choice and the lucky person was Brian Hercock from Stockton on Tees whose choice of first place at the exhibition was John Elvin’s study of Pyrocanthia berries after rain but chose for his prize, David Morland’s Red Fox.

A number of members, namely, Helen, Stuart, John, Emma and David, showed a few of their images they had taken over summer and spoke about the why and how they had achieved their results. Richard and Emma then revealed something of the new website which Emma has been developing and which is about to go live. Members agreed that it looks interesting and very professional, which of course it would, given that the creator is a web-designer by trade! With a few more tweaks it should be up and running shortly and it’s launch will be helped if members send up to four images to Emma or Richard for inclusion on the site which will be secure so that no one will be able to copy any image for their own use.

Up next, on Monday 12th October, is a workshop session where learning more about the creative use of Photoshop and Lightroom is on the agenda. Virtually no photograph that is published in the media will have escaped some manipulation either with Photoshop, Lightroom or other software package so this is your opportunity to learn more about how you can get closer to the professionals through developing an understanding of how these packages work.

A week later on the 19th October we welcome David Powell to judge our first competition of the new season, Holidays.

For more information please go to www.riponcityphotographicsociety.co.uk