RCPS Press Report 15th October 2015

Around thirty members and guests waited expectantly for our first talk of the new season, Capture That Special Moment by Kathryn Widdowson, a professional photographer who loves capturing a special moment, a story, a mood, a detail and any precious times. As anticipation and excitement mounted it was left to Richard Littlefair, President, to deflate the occasion by announcing that Kathryn had succumbed to a bug and had wisely and compassionately decided that sharing such with all of us was not a prudent thing to do. Fortunately, Richard had received this information late on Sunday night so he had time put Plan B into operation, namely to call upon the emergency panel of speakers at the Yorkshire Photographic Union (YPU). This group was created especially to cover such emergencies as we faced with late, unexpected and unfortunate indisposition of a speaker. Alas, all emergency speakers were indisposed so Plan C had to be implemented. This consisted of drafting in a member to deliver an illustrated talk for the first half of the session and for Richard to advance an input that he had been preparing for delivery nearer to Christmas in the second period. Thus the assembled group were treated to, or should it be endured, Travels around Vietnam delivered by a member who not only entertained but informed and educated the audience – I can claim this without fear of libel because it was the author of this report that did it! After welcome refreshments, (anything was probably welcome at that time), the evening took a turn for the better when Richard delivered an interactive presentation based around the allegation that the camera never lies. He took the audience through a series of ethical questions about composing photographs and illustrated how photographers could manipulate a picture before it had been taken and without any intervention using Photoshop, Lightroom or similar software. Amongst many examples used, ones of Prince Charles and the now, late, Princess Diana stood out because all published images show the Prince much taller than his then wife, whereas in reality Princess Diana was taller than Prince Charles. Richard concluded the evening by reminding everyone of upcoming events, by informing us that the Kathryn Widdowson input will be re-scheduled when possible and that Emma Littlefair was confident that the new RCPS web-site would be online within hours – and it was!

Coming up on the 19th October, we welcome David Powell to judge Holidays our first competition of the new season. Will it be all sun, sea and slapstick, local or global, restful and relaxing or adventurous and challenging? Possibly all of these things but the only way to find out is to come along for a 7.30pm start at The Arches, Holy Trinity Church, Kirkby Road, Ripon and find out who becomes King or Queen of the sandcastle!

Competitions are coming thick and fast, the closing date for the next one being Monday 26th October when entries for Dusk until Dawn are due. More about this next week but if you can’t wait please go to www.riponcityphotographicsociety.co.uk and look up the rules.