RCPS Press Report 26th October 2015

Ripon City Photographic Society
David Powell, when responding to the entries in the Holidays competition, handed out the first judgments of the new season. There was a full and varied entry for him to chose from and as he commented, Holidays was a really hard theme to judge, given that Landscapes, Record shots and Street photography overlapped in many ways. In reverse order, in the print section, John Elvin (Sunny Afternoon) and Helen Tabor (In Transit) received a Commended merit whilst Tim Nichols (A Bit Quiet Today Fred) received a Highly Commended merit. In 3rd place was Richard Littlefair (Afternoon Sunshine), in 2nd place was John Elvin (A Day on the Beach) and King of the Sandcastle, in 1st place was Richard Littlefair (It’s a Dog’s Life).
In the Digital Projected Images (DPI) section, Commended merits went to Helen Tabor (The Terminal), and Richard Littlefair (Lost in Thought). Highly Commended were Stuart Holmes (Flying Buttress, Lundy) and John Elvin (Evening on the Beach), 3rd place went to Angie Willis (Camping in Scotland), equal 2nd place to Carol Morrison (Old Fashioned Ice Cream) and Geoff Blackman (Nordic Reflections) and in 1st place was Richard Littlefair (She Told Me It Was 5 Star). Richard won the overall award for his print, It’s a Dog’s Life.
On Monday next, 2nd November we are having a evening about night photography and will be going out and about locally so you might want to put on some stout shoes and wrap up warm just like your grandmother told you! Bring your camera and a tripod if you have one, otherwise you will have to bribe someone to have a loan of theirs! There will be plenty of folk around to offer advice so come along and have a great night. Just a reminder that guest are welcome at £3 per session and any such fees can be discounted against the membership fee if and when a guest joins.
For more information about RCPS go to our new, streamlined web-site, www.riponcityphotographicsociety.co.uk which is up and running. Members can upload prints to the Gallery and even enter competitions on-line using the same site.
On Saturday 7th November we were holding a Saturday Morning Picture programme, however it has had to be postponed.