RCPS Press Report 19th November 2015

Our last meeting involved experienced photographer and photographic judge, Howard Tate, delivering his verdict on thirty-seven prints and almost twice as many digital projected images (DPIs) entered in our Dusk to Dawn competition. Howard was secretary of the Yorkshire Photographic Union for 12 years, its President last year and is now secretary of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB). He gave a full and constructive critique of each entry, praising the qualities and where necessary, pointing out where improvements could be made. The results, in reverse order, for the print section were: Commended; Richard Littlefair, Night Life in Vegas, David Morland, Evening Reflections, Richard Littlefair, Downtown Manhattan and David Uffindall, Perth and the Swan River (WA) at Night. Highly Commended were: Tim Nichols, Tower Bridge, David Uffindall, Lowry Bridge, Shaun Argent, Underpass and again for Hanging Around and, finally, John Elvin for Scarborough Evening. In 3rd place was Lyndsay Campbell for Still Waters, 2nd Emma Littlefair with Lightpainted Boots and in 1st place, Lyndsay Campbell with Trip Trap. In the DPI section the following were Commended: David Uffindall, West Bay in Doha, Lyndsay Campbell, Rustic Temple, Shaun Argent, First Light on Ripon Canal, and Anita Craggs, Fireworks. Highly Commended were: Bill Swan, Night Falls on Holy Island, Angie Willis, Candle Meditation, Stuart Holmes, Platform 3, Helen Tabor, Deserted Alley and David Uffindall, Nighttime in the Souk. Lyndsay Campbell took 3rd place with Equilibrium, David Morland 2nd with Thrill Seekers at Night and emerging from the darkness into the spotlight with Stormy Night in Soller was Stuart Holmes who was also declared the overall winner of the competition. The multiple successes for Lyndsay and Stuart propelled them into the top three of the competition league table after two events with fifteen members having so far achieved forty placements – well done one and all!
Our next gathering on the 23rd of this month is another competition, but with a difference because it’s a Ladies v Gents Match night. Will it be a case of boys will be boys and girls will be women or will it be too close to call? An independent judge will adjudicate, awarding points for digital projected images to either the female team captained by Norma Holmes, or the male team captained by Richard Littlefair. Bragging rights is the prize! Each member is asked to send two digital images to either Norma or Richard depending on which team you will be in.
Monday 23rd November is also the closing date for our next competition, “Altered Reality”. The rules state “The image must display a change in natural colour, form, shape or any combination of these. Creative images are often montages (a blending or composite of multiple images). High Dynamic Range, (HDR) images without further changes are not considered ‘Altered Reality’. All images, including textures etc must be taken by the author and may not be constructed entirely within a computer but images may be in colour or monochrome.”
Looking a bit further ahead we have Mark Littlejohn, Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014, with us on 30th November when we hope we will have a bumper attendance of members, guests, family and friends. Start recruiting now!