RCPS Press Report 3rd December 2015

Around thirty-five members and guests cheered on the teams in our recent Ladies v Gents competition although, to be fair, they didn’t collectively know which pictures had been entered by whom! The women had a distinct advantage, (getting excuses in early!), in that 12 of the fourteen female members put in images and to get to the twenty images required some had two selected. On the male side, nineteen of the twenty-eight strong male members put in images meaning that all but one could only enter one image. Images were displayed in a random order with no one except the author knowing whose image was whose. The judge was member Iain Cairns, a professional photographer who declared that each image would start with twenty points, five each for composition, content, creativity and technical merit and that he would knock points off in any of the categories. Prior to the judging Iain, who describes himself as a ‘People based photographer who sells Fine Art prints and Abstracts’ showed us a selection of his varied and talented work. He approached the event with good humour and a critical eye. At half-time the loudest cheers were for the men who took a decisive 4 point lead into the break, however as all good football managers say, ‘It’s a game of two halves” so no one was prepared to predict the result. At the final whistle the gents stormed into the first place, runner up spot, pipped by one point, 376 to 377 by the Ladies, respectively, who received warm congratulations and secured the bragging rights for the rest of the season! The enjoyment level was such that it was decided that this could become a feature of our Christmas Social night in future seasons. Thanks again to Iain who could not reasonably be blamed for the outcome!
Our next Monday evening meeting, 7th December, sees the visit of Brian Haworth who has the unenviable task of judging our ‘Altered Reality’ competition. The Christmas Social is the week after and Carol Morrison has produced a list for people to sign up to providing various foods thus hopefully alleviating those DIY party situations where there is a surfeit of sausage rolls and a dearth of quail eggs! (Sorry, I think it was Scotch eggs on the list!)