RCPS Press Report 24th December

The first half of our season ended with a Christmas Social that included a photography quiz created by President, Richard Littlefair and won by an all male team, (just saying!), sandwiched in between audio-visual presentations from Stuart Ward and David and Dorothy Morland. Thanks to them for all their efforts plus Carol for organizing the food and everyone of course for donating it. Looking back it has been a pretty good half-season – an autumn exhibition that attracted a record attendance, a very healthy membership figure, average attendances up and a clear improvement in members’ photography as witnessed by the standard of entries into competitions. Generally the judges have been better than in the previous season although one or two allegedly missed the mark but at least such events created discussion! The new season suffered a hiccup, early doors when our first intended speaker had to withdraw due to illness. However Richard Littlefair and David Uffindall stepped in with last-minute offerings. Alan Priest did make his date and offered us splendid, if perceptively cold, trips to the Antarctic and Greenland. Bob Watson MBE, took a different stance preferring more words and fewer pictures when he spoke about The Life of Sobriety, this being a Humber barge that Bob and his team converted into a floating classroom for disadvantaged young people and prisoners. Our last speaker, Mark Littlejohn, who won the Landscape Photographer of the Year award in 2014, will live long in the memory for the quality of his photography and the excellent manner of his delivery. In between we had practical workshops on the use of Photoshop and Lightroom and in early November members trekked the streets of Ripon one damp evening to practice night-time photography. There was a small matter of an in-house Ladies v Gents photography competition, the result of which has been forgotten by all but some triumphalist ladies who still find it necessary to mention it, thus proving that women’s memories last longer than men’s! (By the way it was a three strong, not four, male team that carried the day in the Christmas quiz in case I hadn’t mentioned it before!). The competitions centred on Holidays, Dusk to Dawn, and Altered Reality. At this stage of the season the top six places are being contested by David Morland, Richard Littlefair, Lyndsay Campbell, Emma Littlefair, Stuart Holmes and John Elvin, however another thirteen members are on the board and as it is, in footballing parlance, ‘a game of two halves’, anything can happen going forward to March/April. It’s all to play for! We return on 4th January with entries due in for the Landscape competition. (Up to three prints and up to three digital projected images each with your membership number, a title and an entry form). On that evening we will have Paula Beaumont as guest speaker.