RCPS Press Report 3rd March 2016

Ripon City Photographic Society

There was a warm welcome back for our President, Richard and our Treasurer, Norma, aka Mr & Mrs Littlefair following their three weeks of ‘holiday’ travelling. Competition secretary, John Elvin presented the happy couple with a photograph that he had taken on Richard and Norma’s recent wedding day, since when the picture had been mounted and the mount signed by Society members.  After thanking everyone, Richard got back into Presidential role and reminded everyone about entries being required for the Yorkshire Photographic Union Annual Exhibition before inviting members to show how they had responded to the Altered Images challenge and the Portrait evening. There followed a veritable smorgasbord of talent displayed by Emma Littlefair, Iain Cairns, Bill Swan, Stuart Ward, Angie Willis, Lyndsay Campbell, David Morland, Frank Vallely, Karen Kubran and Helen Tabor in sharing with us their work. Aspiration, inspiration, some very creative thinking and deft manipulation skills resulted in a variety of images being shown. Thank you everyone for your contribution.

There is another opportunity next Monday for members to show off their skills and talents – all in the interests of encouraging one another of course, when it is time for Members’ Lecturettes. For this challenge the President would like each and every member to bring along at least one print or DPI with a maximum of three, (unless their talk is about developing/working-up a single image and a number of images are needed to show the steps taken to achieve the finished image). Ideally each lecturette should last between 5 and 15 minutes, no longer. Also on Monday, it’s time for anyone still holding a cup or trophy from last year’s Presentation Night to bring it back, preferably polished and sparkling, in preparation for this year’s Award Night on 11th April.

Shortly there will also be the judging of the President’s Challenge, the results of which will be added to the previous competition results and should seal the final table of points to establish who gets to be RCPS Photographer of the Year!  The rules state that entry should be a set of three images that form a cohesive group or panel. The connection may be through colour, subject, place, shape, function etc. The overall presentation of the panel will be considered when judged and the images will need to be labelled 1,2,3 to assist display.

Well, are you keen to be IN or do you want to be OUT? I am of course referring to our AGM when your vote will count on Monday 21st March. It may not be a voting date as significant as one coming up for the Nation, but it is an opportunity to be voted into office and help steer RCPS in the coming year! Many, if not most of the present committee have given three years service, during which time the Society has gone from strength to strength and now is the time for change to allow further growth and stimulation with the election of new committee members. As one who has been there, talked the talk, walked the walk and written the scripts, I can say that the present team have been outstanding, – not my sole evaluation, but one based on many positive remarks from members over time. The Committee has worked with enthusiasm and application to ensuring the Society has delivered a varied and, on the whole, high quality programme. Please, don’t be afraid to offer your services for your Society!