RCPS Press Report 16th June 2016

It seems a little odd to be writing now about our Annual Exhibition at the start of September but given that the closing date for submissions is a mere seven, yes, seven weeks away, we should be getting on with preparing our entries. Only RCPS members may submit entries and hopefully members will have seen an extremely helpful, lengthy and detailed e-mail from Derek giving information and instructions about our plans for the exhibition to be held on Saturday 3rd September, 2016 at Allhallowgate Methodist Church Hall. If you want chapter and verse, refresh yourself with Derek’s message that should also appear on our web-site. It you want bite-sized snippets read on…
It is self-evident that for our exhibitions to remain successful we need members to contribute entries; up to six prints and up to six digital projected images (DPIs). Each section, Print and Digital, (are you following so far..?), will have three categories of entries, Competition Winners, YPU successes and General Images. Any print or DPI gaining a 1st to 3rd place in our own competitions in 2015-16 goes into the Winners Category and these form part of the maximum permitted entries (6+6). In the President’s Cup competition, there were a panel of three prints or DPIs entered per person and so all three will count as one entry from a members permitted total. This year eight members had images chosen for the Yorkshire Photographic Union exhibition or the exhibition of the Photographic Union of Great Britain. Images in this category will not be included in the 6 + 6 allowance for our exhibition. The final category, General Images, is for any photographic print or DPI that is legal and decent and that might or might not have been entered into one of our recent in-house competitions. The only other stipulation is that entries should not have been shown in a previous RCPS public exhibition – and be warned, Derek has a long list so if any of you try to get under the radar you will probably not be successful! This ruling is to ensure that the exhibition remains fresh and appealing to all our visitors. The mount sizes for prints is 500mm x 400mm and prints need to be no smaller than A4 size although square or letterboxed prints must be the largest that can be printed on A4 paper. DPIs will need to be submitted in JPEG format on a USB memory stick or CD/DVD, be at Baseline standard at maximum quality, and please note, no black background.
As stated, the closing date for entries is Sunday 7th August. Any entry submitted after this date will not be accepted. Each entry should have a title, the name of the author (photographer) and, where appropriate, any photographic qualifications gained, and your RCPS membership number.
There is much more detailed information in Derek’s email so please refer to your in-box, seek it out, print it and keep it to hand so you know exactly what to do and by when. The Exhibition sub-committee have worked very hard to get to this point and of course they have much more to do between 7th August and the exhibition date to ensure we have such a professional presentation to share with members, guests and visitors.