RCPS Press Report 23rd June 2016

An astonishingly high turnout of almost half of our average in-season weekly attendance came along to our latest informal, second Monday night of the month, gathering. Thanks to a late room cancellation and the generosity of our hosts at the Golden Lion pub, we were able to use the back room thus freeing up the bar for those more interested in watching twenty-two millionaires kick an updated pig’s bladder around a pitch in something called ‘The Euros!’
There was lots of conversations about many and varied subjects with photography running through somewhere, be it advice on where to get camera kit cleaned and refurbished, how to use an image stabiliser properly and when and where some of the best locations are for terrific photography.
For some, however, it was business as usual, using the time to try to ensure plans for the new season are progressing as they should be. The Committee never gets a summer off because there is the coming season’s exhibition, Members’ Booklet and arrangements for speakers, judges and events to be made or confirmed and once that is done, attention turns to season 2017-18. The programme from September has been in place for some little while, however as can be expected, sometimes a speaker will suddenly find they cannot come on the date arranged and so dates have to be juggled, if possible to ensure the balance of the intended programme remains faithful. That means e-mails, ‘phone calls, waiting for replies, finding someone has gone and holiday and won’t be back for another week or so – all of which gets frustrating and is, of course, time-consuming. In the middle of this, members may get e mails requesting images to be included in the Members’ Book or wanting information about a speaker or a competition for inclusion in the same. Those seeking such responses are delighted when people respond quickly and effectively and are frustrated when not! Such is the challenge of being a committee member!
After our Annual Exhibition, the new season will see us welcome a recent winner of the British Wildlife Photographer of the year when Barrie Williams heads south from north of the border to tell us about his love of ‘Surf and Turf’ which comprises snorkelling and walking cliff tops. I know from speaking with him that he is keen to champion photographers who use equipment from the consumer market rather than those who have expensive kit. You will be surprised when he tells you what camera he used to take the shot that got him the BWPotY award! Another interesting speaker with a love of the outdoors is Nigel Heptinstall, famed until recently for his regular contributions about wildlife to the Ripon Gazette. He is a champion of Nidderdale and he will take us on a photographic journey through Nidderdale, noting flora, fauna and the influence humans have brought to bear on the landscape. Our third speaker, Lizzie Shepherd, is a professional photographer based in North Yorkshire and she may talk about landscape photography but on the other hand she has travelled extensively abroad…. You will have to wait and see! In between the speakers, we have competitions, Humour, Altered Reality, Landscape and British Natural History. There’s much to look forward to and in the meantime, get snappy and build up your portfolio of pictures so you are ready when the time comes!