RCPS Press Report 30th June 2016

Mention has been made the hard work of the Committee in an earlier report but there are many more folk than those on the Committee that are working very hard to make RCPS more successful than it currently is. We know that Derek, Carol, Tim and Stuart, with some occasional input from Angie, are beavering away on the Exhibition sub-committee, making sure everything is in place for the Annual Exhibition. Under Derek’s stewardship over the past few years we have seen the Exhibition ub-committee raise the standard of the presentation of the displays, year on year. Last year the appearance of rosettes on award winning prints and digital images was such an example. Moving to a more standardised mount format has also helped to raise the bar and make for a much more professional appearance. Carol and her team of volunteer café bar members have made the refreshment area appealing and welcoming. Last year we had a record breaking 200 plus visitors and this year we hope for even more. Of course, it all comes down to individual members putting in entries, prints, digital images or both, because without these there would be no exhibition. The challenge for members is also to keep producing entries that, so far as the visiting public is concerned, are fresh, new, interesting and visually stimulating, even evocative. (Just a reminder, 7th August is the deadline day for entries). We spend a lot of money on the one day the exhibition is on and therefore we hope that every individual member can support it by putting in entries, coming on the day and getting family, friends and work colleagues to come along also. It is not a competition and the public view of our photography is often quite different to that of photographic judges! It is the chance for RCPS to show the community some of what we get up to. If we recruit a few new members then that is a bonus, but if we can be satisfied, pleased, even delighted about positive comments that our visitors have got into the habit of making, then it all becomes worthwhile.

We are grateful also to Helen Tabor who, building on earlier work instigated by Ian Kendall, has produced not just the Members’ Booklet but flyers for other events and has ensured a very professional look to our materials. This year we are having printed more booklets than usual and they will be ready for the Annual Exhibition. As in previous years we are grateful to the support given by Beyond Digital, a local firm who print the booklet for us. Other supporters include G Graggs, who kindly loan us a television set through which we can display our digital images at the exhibition. Ripon Laptop Centre, Ripon Interiors, David Harrison Framing and, this year, MKM building supplies have all helped by taking out advertising space in our booklet. Without this type of local support we would find it hard, if not impossible, to hold a public exhibition and to have the fulsome programme that we put on year by year. Because we are not a charity it is much more difficult to raise funds from philanthropic or local authority bodies so to have local support from local businesses really is very much appreciated. We continue to welcome discussion with anyone or any business or organisation that is interested in supporting our work.