RCPS Press Report 11th August 2016

The exhibition sub-committee will be hard at work preparing the entries for display at the Annual exhibition on 3rd September at Allhallowgate Methodist Church Hall. When we see the very professional results of such meticulous preparation please don’t forget to say ‘thanks’ and show your appreciation for the sub-committee’s work. The best way, of course, is getting lots of people to come along and enjoy the event. It is the biggest one-off item on our budget and one we put on for the community and one that, hopefully, may inspire and attract new members. It is a double edged thing though, for we have had visitors come and say that they had intended joining the Society, however having seen the standard of images on display, felt their photographic skills were not good enough! Every one of our members can probably recall feeling something similar when visiting an exhibition, but involvement with a like-minded group of individuals can work wonders. We learn from each other, from our speakers and, although we sometimes hate to admit it, from the comments judges make on competition nights. Over time our photography improves, confidence increases and people try new and different techniques if they want to. The fact is that photographic groups are populated by people who have still to take their best picture and by people who are on a journey to that end. People can come along on our Monday meeting nights, (from the end of September), and pay the guest rate of £3 and if, as we hope, they decide to join after trying us out, their guest fees are deductable from the membership fee – so nothing to loose! Anyone is of course welcome to come and chat to any member at the Annual Exhibition.

Apart from the Exhibition sub-committee the ordinary committee have been busy over the summer as well. We have finalized the Members’ Booklet, (Thanks again to Helen Tabor for her grand work on this plus the advertising poster for the Annual Exhibition). Getting the message out about the Annual Exhibition onto web-sites and to other groups took up a morning and more and keeping these press reports flowing has been a real challenge this year, especially with my being away so many weeks. I am still hopeful someone in the membership will write about their photography – what they do, what they like, how they do it, and send it to me to give my fingers a rest! Whilst the committee can reflect on what will hopefully be another excellent programme in 16-17, moves are already ahead to create the 17-18 programme. It never stops!

This weekend is another busy one for some RCPS members. David Uffindall, Nigel Peacock, Karen Kubran and Alan Kaemena will be out and about taking photographs of the Yorkshire Lass, Women Only Annual Charity Sportive which takes place on Sunday, 14th August. It starts and finishes at Carlton Lodge Activity Centre in Carlton Miniott. In return for our services Derek Hodson will be ensuring we will have our banner, advertising our Annual Exhibition, on 3rd September, on display on the fencing at the start/finish point.