RCPS Press Report 29th September 2016

At the time of writing these notes, members are looking forward to our first meeting of the new season, but by the time this is being read we will have celebrated the inaugural meeting, last Monday, 26th September, at The Arches, the converted crypt beneath Holy Trinity Church, Kirkby Road, Ripon, HG4 2EY. A report on this gathering is for next time, however there is an important announcement regarding a programme change. The Committee spend a lot of time and care in creating and composing a programme that we hope will, over the season, have attractions for all members. Not only that we aim to have the new season’s programme in place before the end of an old one. Contrast this with a couple I had the pleasure of meeting at our Annual Exhibition. They much admired the work on display and were keen to examine our Members’ Booklet and the programme contents because, as the husband explained, his wife was the programme secretary for their camera club in the south of England and with their new season just two weeks away, she had yet to put together a programme! Unfortunately, our well-orchestrated programme has taken an early knock. After writing effusively about the 3rd October visit of the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year, 2015, as included in last week’s newspaper, I was shocked to receive a message, whilst abroad, that he can no longer come. He told me that, sadly, he is now required to attend a training course as part of his employment and, naturally, it falls on the early October date he had booked for us! Given that this was in any case a second date change for this speaker, efforts to rearrange his visit were going to be difficult and in the end proved impossible. However, our very own Stuart Ward has volunteered to step in and save the day – or evening as the case may be!  At the exhibition we had a number of enquiries about what we could do to help people get a bit more out of their camera. With this in mind, Stuart has put together a two-part programme that starts with:

1) Introduction to digital photography, pitched so it will be of interest to most people:

It will include types of camera, how they work, sensors, memory and storing pictures including PC backups. After refreshments we will get:

2) Up close and personal with macro. The intention here is to give members an idea of what they can achieve with their own cameras and lenses. Stuart says that he recently took a photo of a dragonfly with a 100-400 lens at 400mm from about 2m distance and it came out great. A butterfly picture he showed at the exhibition was taken with a kit 24-105 lens. Stuart will also cover some of the challenges, including limited depth of field and how to manage it, and will say a bit about how inexpensive extension tubes can get a photographer closer to a subject.

He hopes that this might inspire members to take some close ups for the British Natural History competition. So, hopefully there will be something for everyone and especially for those people at the exhibition who wanted some basic introduction to cameras and photography. Thanks to Stuart for stepping in to the void!

Please be reminded, also, that the 3rd October is the closing date for entries for the ‘Humour’ competition. Members may enter up to three digital projected images and up to three prints (colour or monochrome). If you want to know the rules look them up on the web-site in the competition information or in an earlier press report that is archived there.

We welcome new members or guest who just want to come and see what we do. We start promptly at 7.30pm, so come a bit earlier and have a refreshing cuppa, although you will have chance to have refreshment half way through the evening, which usually ends somewhere between 9.30 and 9.45pm. This is another occasion when there will be chance to renew membership, take it out for the first time or just come as a guest (£3). Guest fees are deductable against the full membership price of £35 if and when guests decide to join. Juniors, aged 17 and under are welcome at the same guest rate or an annual fee of £10 but we do ask that juniors should be accompanied by a responsible adult.