RCPS Press Report 6th October 2016

At our inaugural meeting of the new season RCPS President, Geoffrey Blackman extended a welcome to returning members and to new faces that we hope will become familiar ones within the Society in the coming weeks. As ever, one of the eagerly awaited features of the opening night was the result of the ‘Favourite Image’ voting whereby visitors to our Annual Photography Exhibition in early September could vote for their three favourite images. Two hundred and thirty seven visitors cast votes, with 3 points for a first favourite, 2 points for a second favourite and 1 point for a third favourite up for grabs. Every member who exhibited an image got at least one, third place vote for one of their images, which reflects the very high standard of entries. In reverse order, in 13th place, Helen Tabor, Margaret Vallely and Lyndsay Campbell each received 25 points for Media City, Rusted Bolts and Lone Poppy, respectively. Lyndsay Campbell’s Ferrybridge at Dusk came in 12th with 26 points. Equal 10th were John Elvin’s Last Furrow of the Day and Helen Tabor’s Down into the Fog, Saltburn. Reflecting on the World brought David Uffindall 29 points and 9th position with Dorothy Morland’s, Gouthwaite Reservoir achieving 31 points and eight place. Equal 6th with 33 points were David Morland’s Flaming Tree and Lyndsay Campbell’s Dancers. John Elvin’s Preparation de la Performance secured 5th place, attracting 34 points. Stuart Ward made a meal out of his Beeater with lunch, obtaining 45 points and 4th place. In Olympicesque terms, Bronze went to David Morland’s Dales Barn, attracting 60 points, whilst David Uffindall’s scratting squirrel was itching to get on the leaderboard on the print, Scratching Post and did so, securing Silver spot with 74 points. A mountainous 83 points took Monte FitzRoy in Patagonia, by David Uffindall into Gold medal spot. There were no prizes for any position, just the glory! The aggregated total points scores for all images entered for the top ten photographers were as follows: David Uffindall 231, John Elvin 137, David Morland 132, Lyndsay Cambell 118, Stuart Ward 101, Derek Hodson 100, Helen Tabor 95, Frank Vallely 79, Tim Nichols 72 and Margaret Vallely 59.  (Note that not all photographers put in the same number of images, hence the scores do not represent a ‘league table’ – it was all for fun!)

The winner of a mounted print of their choice was drawn by our President, the winner being Mr Clive Callum-Smith of Ripon, whom, we have since learned, has selected Monte FitzRoy, El Chalten, as his chosen image.

After refreshments and social chat several members showed three images from their summer from wherever in the world they chose and on any subject of their choice. This proved interesting and entertaining and thanks to all who contributed.

Next week’s meeting on 10th October starts at the earlier time of 6.30pm. We shall meet at the usual venue, The Arches, Holy Trinity Church, Kirkby Road, Ripon, HG4 2EY but then move off into Ripon to try our hand at low light and night-time photography. You will need your camera and, if you have one, a tripod or if not, a bean bag, and if neither of these, find someone whose tripod you can share! There will be plenty of people around to offer help about camera settings etc. This was popular last year – so much so that we caused consternation to locals and visitors alike who came to enquire what was happening, given that at one point at least five cameras on tripods were pointing at the illuminated Town Hall!

Finally, a heads up to a coming competition, Altered Reality, the closing date for which is Monday 24th October. More about the rules later but check out our web-site or the Members’ Book if you want to know more now.