RCPS Press Report 27th October 2016

Our first competition, ‘Humour,’ of the new season, attracted a good entry and some interesting images. The judge decided that although he had taken into account the fact that a sense of humour means different things to different people, from a photographic point of view, images could fit into one of three categories. One was where the subject of the image was in itself funny and essentially required no further explanation; a second was where the image was inherently funny, however a suitable and apt title could enhance the humorous element. The third type was where an image was possibly quirky but not immediately funny, but which became so by the addition of a relevant title.

Smirking a little in the print section and commended for their efforts were Norma Littlefair with ‘It said it was 5 star in the brochure,’ Tim Nichols with ‘Welcome to Dull, twinned with Boring – and if you want excitement dance in the puddle,’ and David Uffindall with ‘At your Convenience’. Grinning at getting highly commended for their entries were Derek Hodson with ‘Mexican Mayoress,’ ‘Am I close enough?,’ by Richard Littlefair and ‘Knit, Knit, Knit,’ by Norma Littlefair. Broadly smiling, in third place was Derek Hodson with ‘Craggy Features,’ Emma Littlefair claimed second spot with ‘Too much sugar,’ and first place went to Stuart Ward with ‘They grow up quick these days.’ In the digital projected images, (DPI), Karen Kubran was commended for ‘George Bush Junior,’ as was Bill Swan with ‘Maybe just one chip,’ and Frank Vallely for ‘Get me down from here.’ Highly commended were Helen Tabor for ‘Confucius say,’ Stuart Ward with ‘Oh no, they’re stuck,’ and Geoff Blackman with ‘Don’t make an ass out of me’. Stuart Ward took the third place with ‘Should have gone to….’, second place went to Bill Swan with ‘Ginger didn’t stand a chance,’ and Helen Tabor with ‘Matching His and Hers’ claimed first place in the DPI section and first place overall, pipping Stuart Ward’s ‘They grow up quick these days.’

News of other members’ success was announced with an image by Lyndsay Campbell featuring in a publication by the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) and one by Michael Bell being published in a current edition of the magazine, The Great Outdoors (TGO). Michael, a keen walker and reader of TGO  has previously had some of his photographs published in it. This time in the current, November, issue, on the rear inside page (‘Readers’ Photos’) his image of the rocks on the foreshore of Crackington Haven on the north Cornwall coast, entered under the set theme of ‘Jagged,’ is published.  The next two monthly themes are ‘Sparkling’ and ‘White’ so if anyone has interesting pictures on these themes, get along to your newsagent, buy a copy of the magazine and enter your images.

Our next session is ‘in-house’ when we shall be considering the theme of ‘motion’ and how to photograph it, which is very helpful considering one of our competitions in early January is on exactly this theme!  There may be additional help on other aspects of photography – more later on Facebook.