RCPS Press Report 10th November 2016

Although it was Halloween when we met, there was nothing spooky about the programme members enjoyed. It was an in-house support session for members with tips on photographing ‘movement’ in-camera rather than in processing and ‘Top Tips on Flash’. David Morland talked about and illustrated techniques on how to capture ‘motion’ in an image using the camera rather than post-camera processing. He explained how he had achieved each image that he showed and gave just enough technical information for anyone to use and not be overloaded. We now expect a bumper entry for our ‘Motion’ competition coming up! Stuart Ward is no flash in the pan as we know, and he too gave a superb presentation on the use of flash either on or off camera, again with plain speaking and a minimum of jargon so that it was easily understood.

We are looking forward to greeting our second advertised speaker of the season, the first in reality because our previous one scheduled for early October called off. Unfortunately at the time of writing it is not entirely clear whom we shall see! Nigel Heptinstall should be our speaker, talking about ‘Outdoors again in Nidderdale’ however Nigel is recovering from a planned hospitalization and may not be fit enough to be with us. True to form though, the stalwart that he is, he has contacted a friend, Chris Tomson, The RSPB Conservation Adviser for the Yorkshire Wolds and Coast, who has agreed, if needed, to deputise. Chris is also a keen photographer, and a member of Penistone Camera Club and an experienced circuit talker. The latest news is that Nigel is on the mend, and we send best wishes for that to continue, and that Chris is the more likely of the two to appear – watch this space! (Or Facebook for updates).

The same evening, 14th November, is the closing date for entries for our Landscape competition, always a popular one. Each member can enter up to three mounted prints and three digital projected images – more information in the Members’ Handbook. The rules for Landscape include: ‘Landscape photography shows spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, but at other times microscopic. Landscape photographs typically capture the presence of nature but can also focus on man-made features or disturbances of landscapes. The category includes seascapes and skyscapes, underground and underwater images. Animals and people may appear in landscape images, especially to give scale, but should not form a major element of the image.’ Don’t forget to complete an entry form that does require your name, membership number, and the priority you give to each entry, (in case we have too many for the time and some have to be held back). Your mounted and digital images, however, should only show your membership number and title of the entry. You should include digital entries of prints as well as the intended digital entries but please ensure you mark them clearly as either DPI COPY of print entry or DPI ENTRY to assist the competition secretary to sort them out. The Landscape competition will be judged on 28th November and in between we have a photo-processing workshop. Lots to keep us busy so keep on snapping!