RCPS Press Report 15th December 2016

North Yorkshire based photographer, Lizzie Shepherd, fresh from being crowned a section winner in the Landscape Photographer of the Year, 2015, warmed up a cold Monday night with some stunning images of her travels to Namibia and Ladakh. Using a projector and a screen, a departure from our usual television monitor display, Lizzie showed some truly stunning images that held the audience spellbound with their clarity, vibrance and scale. The title of the talk was ‘Barren and Beautiful, the desert landscapes of Namibia and Ladakh’. From big pictures with big skies, broad deserts spread across panoramic shots to the detail of flora and fauna, images of texture, patterns, colours, light and shade, every image delighted the senses. Lizzie spoke of being breathless in high altitude Ladakh whilst, in giving thanks, David Uffindall admitted that her images had left many people in the room breathless with delight and that it was certainly one of the best presentations we had been privileged to witness.
Next up is our Christmas social evening on 19th December we have a Ladies v Gents match, or should it be rematch as we had one last year but I have quite forgotten which team won! (Well, OK chaps, we just have to do better this year!) It’s also the night when we bring in food for a bit of a bun fight ‘pre-the-proper-festive season!’
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