RCPS Press Report 19th Jan 2017

The British Natural History Competition attracted a good number of entries of impressive quality. The overall winner of the competition was Frank Vallely with a print entitled, ‘Mating Red Damsel Flies.’ In second place was Alistair Peterson with ‘Frosty Sunset at High Batts Nature Reserve’, and in third place, John Elvin with ‘Young Red Deer Stag’. Highly Commended were Stuart Ward with ‘Silver Washed Fritillary, Feeding,’ and John Elvin with ‘ Mallard Chick’s Introduction to Water’ and ‘Morning in the Deer Park.’ Commended were Stuart Ward for ‘Dragonfly in the Sunlight,’ David Uffindall for ‘Gannet in Flight, Bempton Cliffs,’ and Frank Vallely for ‘Grey Heron.’

In the Digital Projected Images (DPI) section, first place went to Alistair Peterson with ‘Grey Heron,’ (different image to Frank’s!); second place went to Stuart Jackson with ‘Red Squirrel at Kielder,’ and third place went to Helen Linfoot for ‘Gannet’s Perfect Landing.’ Highly Commended were Frank Vallely with ‘Red Damselfly with Pupa Cases,’ Karen Kubran with ‘Hungry Squirrel,’ and Stuart Ward with ‘Painted Lady, Posing.’  Commended were Michael Bell with ‘Robin,’ Helen Linfoot with ‘Swan and Cygnets’ and Andy Dobbs with ‘Immature Damsel.’

Next up, in a change of programme, it’s time for lecturettes from members, where members bring in two or three images, even a short AV presentation, and share their work with everyone. It’s been the making of many people before – we learn a lot about people’s interests and skills and these nights have proved very popular in the past. We particularly welcome inputs from our newer members because there is no judge’s comments to fret about, just great support from other members.