RCPS Press Report 30th March 2017

At the recent RCPS Annual General Meeting the following were elected or re-elected  to the Committee for 2017-18: President – Angie Willis; Vice President & Webmaster – Emma Littlefair;

Secretary – Bill Swan; Treasurer – Helen Linfoot; Competition Secretary – Suzanne Lamb; Assistant Competition Secretary – Alistair Peterson; Press Secretary – Vacant; YPU Rep – Alistair Peterson;

Ordinary Committee Members, Stuart Ward, Sarah Swinscoe and Karen Kubran and Iain Cairns.

Also playing their part are the Summer Programme Team of Alistair Peterson, Stuart Holmes, Helen Linfoot and Suzanne Lamb and the Annual Exhibition Sub-Committee of Stuart Ward, Stuart Holmes and Stuart Jackson.

That means that leaving the Committee after sterling service over a combined period of years that cannot be added up by using human digits alone are Geoffrey Blackman, Norma Littlefair, Richard Littlefair, John Elvin and David Uffindall.

Thanks to all those and to Andy Dobbs for his non-committee role of Speaker Liaison and Helen Tabor for her role in publications.