RCPS Press Report 11th May 2017

By the time you read this we will be in the middle of a busy week having had our social evening at the Golden Lion on Monday, our Committee Meeting on Wednesday but you are not too late to join us for our next summer event on Friday, as we are heading off to Ripon Races’ free event on Friday 12th May. This is an open event, no need to have booked, everyone welcome. The gates are open at 4pm but we are aiming to be there by 5.30 just in time for the first race, which is at 6pm. Remember no flash photography and any images intended for publication must be first approved by their management.

We also have for your delight a report from Helen Linfoot, following her recent day of photography instruction with Lizzie Shepherd. Some of you will have been at the meeting last December when Lizzie shared some incredible images from her trips to the deserts of Namibia and Ladakh. However, it seems Helen’s trip was little closer to home!

A workshop day with Lizzie Shepherd Landscape photographer: It’s seven o’clock on the moors above Pateley Bridge, cold air, biting wind and beautiful morning light. We walked over the moor and down into a woodland with all its spring splendour. We were greeted by an array of soft shades of green, new dainty beech saplings, oaks, bilberry, winter brown heather and moss covered boulders.
Looking at the world through a landscape photographer’s eyes showed me a more subtle way of creating a photograph. To capture how objects relate to each other and how they create shapes within the landscape and to use light to highlight features and lead the eye through the picture. The need to check the composition for unwanted objects or dominant highlights I had to use my brain, learn more about the features of my D700 camera (which were previously unknown to me!!) and be open to new ideas.
I realised my tripod was on the prehistoric, wobbly list and it will be replaced to ensure, level, super sharp, well composed, images stand a chance of being created.
Over much needed tea and cakes in Pateley Bridge, I learned to allow the image to dictate to me how I developed it in Lightroom. A thought provoking awesome day out.                                              Thanks Helen we look forward to seeing those images and I am sure we all appreciate you sharing some of the things you discovered on what sounds to have been an excellent day and if you wish to find out more about Lizzie she can be found at www.lizzieshepherd.com