RCPS Press Report 8th June 2017

This week the report on the summer programme event to Brimham Rocks is provided by Alistair ‘The summer event attracted fifteen members who were rewarded by absolutely perfect weather; the group then split into three parties and took advantage of the wonderful evening light to capture some great images of the Brimham landscapes which still benefited from the abundance of bluebell patches that were still in bloom.                                                                                                                                                                       The Society visit also enabled people to get to know some very informative geological facts and information about the area’s natural history from John Elvin, who is a long-standing National Trust patron and volunteer. Many thanks to John for leading a wonderful circular tour to point out the best viewpoints and to pass on ideas and tips for future visits and about the best times to revisit to capture atmospheric morning and evening lighting.                                                                                                                 The sunset became more spectacular just as the group we dispersing around 9 pm, and it took most people by surprise as earlier it seemed it would be a non-event.  All in all a definite success and plenty of images in the bank to work on during winter evenings.  Thanks to all who cooperated and attended, the relaxed atmosphere certainly helped people to interact and share their passion for photography.’ Thanks, Alistair it sounds like a good time was had by all.                                                                                                                                                                          To be out on a lovely evening provided the opportunity to take images at that time of day photographers often refer to as the golden hour, or magic hour. It is generally defined as the last hour of sunlight in the day and the hour after sunrise, when the sun bestows a special quality of light, providing opportunities for creating a beautiful portrait or landscape photographs. The timing of this depends on where you are in the country or world and obviously also upon the weather. There are a number of apps and internet sites which provide the sunrise and sunset times to enable you to plan your photography to include this magical time.                                                                                             Admittedly at this time of year, you may find yourself staying up late or getting up very early – you may even choose to stay up all night and add some astrophotography into the mix! Developing your own local knowledge of where the sun shines at a particular time of year or day can also be invaluable in perfecting the creation of your image, be it portrait, landscape, water, close up of rocks or vegetation and who knows you could end up with that competition winning image or an image you love and frame for your wall. So check the weather forecast and get that alarm clock set and get out there but don’t forget the camera, extra battery pack and additional storage for all those fabulous images you will be creating.                                                                                                                                                                                                      For more information about RCPS go to our website, www.riponcityphotographicsociety.co.uk and also have a look at us on Facebook.