RCPS Press Report 6th July 2017

Our members continue to meet up and explore the myriad of photography opportunities which abound in our
locality. We are extremely lucky to have so many places for folk to practise their skills and to advance their
techniques and no doubt some are preparing images for the forthcoming competitions too. There is always
plenty to do even in the ‘closed’ season, although this year we have had an excellent summer programme too;
with our next session being on Sunday July 16th at the Masham Steam Engine Rally.
This will provide many photographic opportunities, with numerous steam engines, fairground organs, veteran
vehicles and related machinery as well as heavy horses and the usual things you would expect to find at such
an event and along with this there will be scope for a variety of portrait shots. Perhaps some of these subjects
lend themselves to being processed as sepia or black and white imagery and for those with an eye to the
competitions you may choose to look a little closer at the detail in things or for the more quirky shots which
challenge you to wonder what they are, which can then be classed as ‘isolation’ or ‘abstract’ images. Whatever
grabs your attention I am sure you will have an enjoyable day of photography and entertainment, details for
meeting will be on the website and our Facebook page.