RCPS Press Report 20th July 2017

This week I thought we could consider these questions? What kind of people would you expect to find in a photography group? Or indeed why join a photographic group at all? What can you expect from being a member of Ripon City Photographic Society? Well, you may be surprised to know it isn’t just beginners to photography who come along to our sessions; we have beginners through to professional photographers among our members and reasons for belonging to a group are probably as varied as the members. What makes it so good to be part of this organisation is that people are so willing to share their time, ideas, skills both photographic and processing, locations and experiences.
It is also the social aspect of belonging to a group of like minded individuals, who share a passion for photography that can be good enough reason to belong. So to this end, we begin our evenings with the opportunity for refreshment and a chat, and the evenings themselves are organised so that we have a break for refreshments half way through, which allows for further opportunities for conversation whether it is photography related or otherwise. The Society offers a varied programme of events; competitions; a mix of presentations from members and outside speakers, covering a wide range of subjects; practical workshops designed to help you get the most out of your camera and the use of lighting, as well as the skills needed for the processing of images using programmes such as Photoshop or Lightroom. The speakers inspire and amaze us, the competitions encourage you to explore different aspects of photography and give you direction and inspiration for what to photograph. In addition with the competitions you get feedback from the judges on your images which can guide you in further competitions and even if you decided not to enter, by listening what they say about the other images one can pick up tips for improving your own work. Ripon City Photographic Society has been supporting photographers for over 60 years so we must be getting some things right! So why not consider joining us for our new season which begins in mid-September, you are welcome to come along for a single session before deciding whether to join us for the whole season. Whichever you chose, you will be guaranteed a warm welcome and an evening of photography based entertainment and enlightenment!