RCPS Press Report 27th July 2017

Sunday 16th July was the last organised summer outing for the Ripon City Photographic Society members. The event was Masham Steam Engine Rally, the day dawned bright and a group of enthusiastic photographers met for a day filled with a multitude of opportunities for photography! Indeed the sun shone all day and when you are totally immersed in photographic possibilities all thoughts of food, drink and applying sun tan lotion go out of your head! Though I understand the pork sandwiches and coffee were good and does anyone know a good remedy for sunburn? The day really did cater for everyone in providing such a variety of photographic opportunities so that whatever your area of interest you could indulge your passions.
The event enabled us to take images of the steam engines, carousel, organs, numerous vintage vehicles of all shapes and sizes, tractors and bikes, as well as portraiture, and with a change to the programme, an excellent and informative birds of prey display. The options for close up work or abstract images abounded, in addition to trying to capture the size and splendour of these magnificent machines. The dedication of the owners and hours of work that goes into the maintenance of all of these engines and vintage vehicles and the time spent during these events is to be commended – indeed a huge thank you goes to all involved in making it such a successful event. It really was a superb day out and one which will keep those that went very busy sorting, editing and processing a plethora of images for many an evening to come!

The whole summer programme has given the members quite a challenge for our opening evening of the new season – how do you choose a small selection images to show when we have such a wealth of images from all our outings? Although this was our last outing it is not the last summer event, we have a session led by one of our members on Saturday, August 19th 2pm at The Arches Holy Trinity Church Ripon, full details to follow.