Competition Rules

Competition Rules

To keep everything on an even playing field, there are a few rules around competition entries – but please don’t let these put you off! If you have any queries just ask a member of the Committee.

General Rules

  • All entries should carry the image title and your membership number only – do not identify prints or digital images with your name
  • All images must be the photographer’s own work
  • Entries must be in the possession of the Competition Secretary by the published closing date. Late entries will not be accepted
  • You must be a member of the Society to enter competitions
  • Any image which has gained a place or a highly commended award in a Society competition should not be entered in any other club competition

Specific Rules – Prints

  • All prints should be flat or window mounted on card or foam board
  • The minimum print size is 6 x 4 inches
  • The minimum mount size is A4 (297 x 210 mm)
  • The maximum mount size is 20 x 16 inches

NB. the YPU required mount size is precisely 500 x 400mm

All print entries should be accompanied by a digital copy, as per the rules for digital entries.

Specific Rules – Digital Images

  • All images will be displayed on a television, either via a computer or direct from a memory stick
  • Images need to be in Baseline (‘Standard’) jpg format, not Progressive jpg format
  • Basic instructions on resizing digital images for competitions are available on the website. Please click here
  • Please submit your digital entry on a CD or memory stick marked with your membership number


The judge of each competition will be asked to select a first, second
and third placed image in each media type (plus a maximum of three ‘highly commended’ and ‘commended’ entries) and decide which of the first placed images they deem to be ‘best overall’ – and hence the trophy winner.

Competition results will be displayed on the website.