26 FAQs   *   Frequently Asked Questions

1. WHEN is the Exhibition this year?

Saturday, 2nd September 2017

2. WHERE will it be held?

Allhallowgate Methodist Church Hall, Victoria Grove, Ripon, HG4 1LG

3. WHAT time will it open?

The Exhibition will be open to the public from 9.30am but there will be a formal opening at 10am, hopefully by The Right Worshipful Mayor of Ripon. The Exhibition is for one day only and will close at 4pm

4. WHO can exhibit their work?

All members of the society are entitled to enter up to 6 prints and 6 digital images each. There is no selection process; all we ask is that you enter your best images.

5. Can I enter images that have been entered in club competitions?

Yes, you may.  However, if one of your images gained a place (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in one of our in-house competitions during this society year 2016-17, then we would like you to include these as part of your entry of six prints and six digital images. We make a feature of the ‘placed’ entries from each of the competitions and display them grouped under their respective competition heading.

6. Can I enter images that have been entered for the YPU Exhibition?

Certainly, any images entered for the YPU Exhibition may be entered for our exhibition unless they have appeared in a previous RCPS Exhibition.

However, the exception to this is those images that have been accepted for showing, awarded a certificate of merit or awarded a trophy at this year’s YPU Exhibition or accepted by the YPU for submission to the PAGB Exhibition. 

As we make a feature of these images within the displays at our exhibition we would ask you to include them with your entries but they will not form part of your entry entitlement as images accepted for, or receiving awards at this years ‘YPU’ Exhibition are accepted in addition to your normal allowance of 6 prints and 6 digital images.

7. Are there any restrictions on what I can enter?

The one restriction we impose is that images that have been shown at one of our previous exhibitions are not eligible for showing again unless:

    1. The image has been placed in an ‘in-house’ competition this year (see 5)
    2. The image has been accepted for showing, been awarded a certificate of merit or awarded a trophy at the YPU Exhibition this year.(see 6
    3. Accepted by the YPU this year for entry into the PAGB Exhibition. (see 6)

8. Do I have a free choice of the subject for the images that I enter?

Very much so!  Images that are eligible, within the terms set out in Q7, may be of any subject of the member’s choosing. The only condition we place on this is that the subject matter should be legal and in good taste.

9. What size PRINTS can I enter?

Minimum size:  Printed images must be no smaller than A4 (11¾” x 8¼” – 297mm x 210mm). In the case of a letterbox or square print, the minimum size should be the largest image that can be printed on A4 paper; ie. The longest side of the letterbox should be at least 11¾” or 297mm. For a square image the length of each side must be not less than 8¼” or 210mm. 

Maximum size:  The maximum size of printed images is limited only by the size of the mount. The image should fit the mount in such a way that there is a reasonable border showing on all edges.

Images not conforming to these dimensions will not be accepted.

10. How should my PRINTS be mounted?

Mounts:  Prints may be flat mounted or masked using suitable mounting board in black, white or pale cream mounting boards or masks. Other colours will not be accepted!

All mounts must be 500mm x 400mm (19” x 15¾”). Other sizes will not be accepted

Unmounted prints, affixed to the rear of a mask, should have a protective backing of thin card to protect the print from damage. However, within these constraints, members are asked to minimise the weight of their mounts in order to reduce the risk of prints falling from the display panel. 

11. How will PRINTS be displayed?

The majority of printed images will be displayed on felt covered display panels and secured with Velcro pads. A small number of prints will be shown on table-top easels. 

If you are strongly averse to the use of Velcro on your images please indicate this on the back of the mount and we will endeavour to display your images on easels. However, in order to maintain uniformity within the display, this exception cannot be applied to ‘placed’ or ‘YPU’ images.

12. In what format should I submit DIGITAL IMAGES?

Digital Images must be presented in JPEG Baseline (standard) format at maximum quality. They should not be submitted on a black background. 

They must be submitted for entry on a USB memory stick or CD/DVD.

13. How will DIGITAL IMAGES be displayed?

Digital Images will be presented in slide show format and will be shown, throughout the day, as a continuous loop, on a large screen high definition TV.

14. What Information should I include with my entries?

ALL of the following information MUST appear on the back of the mount for printed images and/or be included in the titling of Digital Images.

  • Title of Image – please keep it as short as possible
  • Name of author along with any photographic qualifications – eg: LRPS, CPAGB etc. for inclusion on the caption.
  • RCPS Membership Number

15. Is there an entry form to complete?

Yes, there are separate entry forms which must be completed for each of the following categories:

  •   Print Entries 
  •   Digital Entries
  •   YPU Print successes
  •   YPU Digital successes

16. What is the CLOSING DATE for entries?

Entries must be handed in NO LATER THAN – SUNDAY, 6th AUGUST, 2017 

However, they may be handed in at any (reasonable) time from Monday 10th July until Sunday, 6th August

Entries presented after 6th August will not be accepted!

17. WHERE do I hand in my entries?

The address, to which entries both PRINT and DIGITAL should be delivered, will be emailed to members shortly before the 10th July.

18. When will the exhibition be set up?

Members are welcome to come along to the Hall at Allhallowgate on Friday evening 1st September to assist with setting-up the exhibition display panels and mounting the images etc. We have the Hall from 7.30pm until 9.30 pm on that evening so please feel free to join us if you are available.

19. Can I sell copies of my photographs at the exhibition?

Whilst the Society cannot be involved in the sale of copies of images displayed at the exhibition, we are able to pass on, to members, the contact details of anyone who has expressed an interest in purchasing a copy of one of your images. 

Notices will be displayed around the exhibition asking visitors, who are interested in purchasing copies of images, to enquire at reception where details of the image(s) will be noted along with the contact details of the purchaser. These will be passed on to the member concerned.

No image may be removed from the display until after the Exhibition closes at 4pm.

20. Will there be refreshments available at the Exhibition?

One of the main features of the Exhibition is the Café RCPS which provides tea, coffee and soft drinks accompanied by cakes and biscuits throughout the day. The Café is always a hive of activity with most of the tables being occupied during the whole of the exhibition. The Café is a place where visitors meet old friends and make new ones whilst discussing the merits of the various exhibits. 

21. What time should members get to the Exhibition?

We like all members to attend the Exhibition at some time during the day, though it is always good to have as many members as possible present for the official opening at 10am.

22. Will members be needed to help on the day?

All members are asked to spend as much time as they can spare to talk to visitors, help with stewarding and all aspects of the workings of the Café 

23. How can I help before the day?

The Exhibition is organised by the Exhibition Sub-committee comprising Derek Hodson, Carol Morrison, Stuart Ward and Tim Nichols. This year will be the 5th year that this committee has organised the Exhibition during which we have built-up the attendance figures from 190 to 318. 

After this exhibition, Derek & Carol will be stepping down and the sub-committee will continue into next year under the leadership of Stuart. As there will be spare places to fill, we are looking already for members who would be willing to join the sub-committee and learn the ropes as we work towards this year’s event.

If you have skills that you think would be helpful in preparing for the exhibition and/or would like to find out more about what is involved please speak to Derek, Carol or Stuart – we’ll be delighted to talk to you.

Nearer to the time of the Exhibition, helpers will be needed to take out posters for display and to bake cakes for the Café

24. How will the exhibition be publicised?

Information about the event is sent out to Photographic Societies from the Humber to the Scottish Border and to local radio stations and local and regional newspapers.

It is advertised on the Society’s website, Facebook page and other social media sites on which the Society has a presence. It is also included on the website of the local Council, ‘Visit Ripon’, and posters and leaflets are circulated to the Tourist Offices in Ripon Harrogate, Pateley Bridge and Knaresborough

Posters and leaflets are also taken out to shops, businesses and village halls around the City and information about the event, along with a copy of the poster, sent out to an e-mailing list of 150 individuals. Many of these are leaders of, or active in, local churches and other organisations including Rotary Clubs, Inner Wheels, U3A Groups, WI’s, Morris Dancers, Allotment Holders, Arts Groups, Sports Clubs  and many more. And finally all our local Councillors are also invited.

You, the members of the society will also be circulated with a copy of the poster which we ask you to share with family, friends, work colleagues, members of your church, people you meet at your club, pub or wherever you socialise.

All of us, as members of the Society, are the most important link in the chain of publicity; it’s our Exhibition and it’s our responsibility to try and bring people in either by word of mouth or, just as important, by making sure we put the information and/or poster on our own Facebook page and publicise it through any other social media to which we subscribe.

25. Who should I contact if my question isn’t answered here?

26. Where can I get my ENTRY FORMS from?

Click here to download copies of each of the Entry Forms,