On Line Entry

This page has been designed to allow you enter your images on line. It couldn’t be any simpler. Just fill in the boxes below.


    1. 1. Please name your files as the title of your picture. For example Amazing Day Out.jpg
    1. 2. Make sure that your image is a JPEG image and measures no more than 1400 pixels across and 1050 high. The total size of the file must be below 3MB.
    1. 3. Use the Browse Button (or choose file button) to select the image from your computer, tablet or smartphone and then click “open”.
    1. 4. Enter the details as requested on the screen and then Click “Submit”. The website will then upload your image and send it to the webmasters. There will be a message to say that your upload has been successful.
      1. 5. You will NOT see your image on the website immediately. The webmasters will upload it in due course.
    1. 6. If you are still not sure or have any questions, then please ask a committee member.

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