Resizing your digital images

Preparing images for club competitions, YPU exhibitions and our website


Projected images for use in club competitions and for uploading to our website should be a horizontal maximum of 1400 pixels and a vertical maximum of 1050 pixels. The Colour Mode should be set to sRGB and saved as base line JPeg

To resize, set colour mode and save in Photoshop.

1 Click ‘Images’

2 Click Image size to open the Image Size Box

3 For Landscape images, in ‘Image Size’ box, click on Pixel Width – change to 1400 pixels. The Pixel Height will change automatically. If is greater than 1050 pixels then change to 1050 (Please note that if you need to do this then the width will also change.)

For Portrait images click on Pixel Height – change to 1050 pixels. The Pixel Width will change automatically. If is greater than1400 pixels then change to 1400 (Please note that if you need to do this then the Height will also change.)

4 Click ‘Ok’ – your image will shrink to the new side.

5 Check the Colour Mode by clicking Edit and down to Colour Settings

6 In this box see Working Spaces box RGB this should read sRGB IEC6 1966-2, 1 if not click down arrow and select it. Click ‘Ok’

7 Use ‘Save As’ to save to a new file as a Jpeg image. Ensure the Baseline (“Standard”) is selected and quality is set to ‘12’ Maximum. Click ‘Ok’ Job done.