Forthcoming Speakers for the Season 2015/2016

Introduction to Speakers 2016-2017

1) Introduction to digital photography, pitched so it will be of interest to most people:
It will include types of camera, how they work, sensors, memory and storing pictures including PC backups. After refreshments we will get:
2) Up close and personal with macro. The intention here is to give members an idea of what they can achieve with their own cameras and lenses. Stuart says that he recently took a photo of a dragonfly with a 100-400 lens at 400mm from about 2m distance and it came out great. A butterfly picture he showed at the exhibition was taken with a kit 24-105 lens. Stuart will also cover some of the challenges, including limited depth of field and how to manage it, and will say a bit about how inexpensive extension tubes can get a photographer closer to a subject.
He hopes that this might inspire members to take some close ups for the British Natural History competition. So, hopefully there will be something for everyone and especially for those people at the exhibition who wanted some basic introduction to cameras and photography. Thanks to Stuart for stepping in to the void!

Barrie Williams
Coast to Coat; Surf to Turf

Barrie Williams is a saltwater junkie who can be found snorkelling or falling off a surfboard and if neither of these, hiking along the shore or on clifftops photographing wildlife. (Hence the title of his talk, ‘Coast to Coast; Surf to Turf’.)

He is a freelance filmmaker with a background in science and media and with experience as a TV researcher with BBC Scotland working on Harvest and Prawn Wars.

Barrie now lives and works in Edinburgh and has used his experience with the BBC to produce short films for organisations such as the RNLI, and Edinburgh Zoo’s ‘Wild About Scotland’ educational bus.

He was delighted to be the British Wildlife Photography Awards Overall Winner 2015, especially so because he uses what he considers ‘an average enthusiast’s camera’, rather than expensive kit.

Nigel Heptinstall
Outdoors again in Nidderdale
Monday 14 November 2016

Nigel Heptinstall was for 20 years, until September 2015, The Outdoors Correspondent for the Ackrills group of newspapers that serves Harrogate, Knaresborough, Nidderdale, Ripon and Wetherby.

He used to write an informative, educational and widely-read column championing wildlife and environment issues, continually encouraging readers  to send in their own photographs, sightings or any relevant news.

Unfortunately in September 2015 economies in the newspaper industry led to the demise of this feature. Bruised and shaken but still very capable and urged on by dismayed readers who still wanted his articles, Nigel remerged with a Blog (https://outdoors2015. in which he talks about wildlife, archaeology and the environment. Once again he will embrace the offerings of readers be it from individuals or groups.

Nigel is an undoubted champion on the wildlife of Nidderdale from the Nidd in Knaresborough to Scar House Reservoir plus he knows a thing or two about the archaeology of the area.

Lizzie Shepherd
Barren and beautiful - the desert landscapes of Namibia and Ladakh
Monday 5 December 2016

Lizzie Shepherd is a professional photographer based in North Yorkshire, specialising in landscape, nature and travel photography as well as running small group photography workshops, offering 1-2-1 tuition or providing commercial photography services.

Lizzie likes to capture the hidden landscape to reveal a little bit of the less obvious, hidden scenes – things that people might otherwise just walk by.

Lizzie believes that one of the joys of photography is that it forces you to open your eyes, to develop your vision and to keep searching for ways to express that vision.

Lizzie also writes photographic articles for a number of publications and has achieved many awards, including Landscape Photographer of the Year, 2015.

Yorkshire Mono Group
Monday 12 December 2016

We are a group of enthusiastic photographers who like to work in monochrome. Our aims are to encourage monochrome photography, both film and
digital, by producing, showing and discussing our prints with colleagues; mounting exhibitions of our work; and enjoying the stimulation offered by our invited speakers.

Richard Spurdens DPAGB, EFIAP/Silver
Landscape to studio and a few bits in between
Monday 23 January 2017

I like to photograph what gives me an emotional response and each time I pick up the camera my pictures become personal.

What I am passionate about is all to do with visual beauty, and that is an important element in my work. Today as a hobbyist photographer I specialise in fine art and fine Art Nude figure studies and I enjoy working with the model to create an image that shows the female form in an elegant and timeless form. I started taking photographs in the days of film and chemicals. My interests in those days were Motor sport (Rally sport) and I had images published regularly in the motoring press of the day.

The letters after my name represent distinctions from both the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) and FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art).

I have attained the AFIAP, EFIAP distinctions in consecutive years, establishing a level of achievement with my work at national and international levels.

Charlotte Gale
Photography for profit and for good
Monday 6 February 2017

Charlotte is a Knaresborough-based professional photographer, covering Yorkshire and beyond. She also has a range of greetings cards and photographic wall art which she sells online and via local retailers.

Charlotte set up her photography business in 2008 following a six-year career in Digital Marketing, when she managed multi-national accounts such as Mars and Nokia. Having always been fascinated by the visual aspect of her marketing job, Charlotte studied photography at night school over the course  of three years.

With extensive commercial experience in both photography and digital marketing, Charlotte specialises in corporate photography, providing businesses with high quality marketing, PR and portfolio images.

Her clients include both businesses and magazines alike and in December 2015 her cover shoot of Julian Richer (Richer Sounds) for ERT magazine won ‘Cover of the Year (Business)’ at the national PPA Independent Publisher Awards in London. Charlotte is also a self confessed travel addict.

Fuelled by a keen interest in Geography, her adventures into the unknown began when she was invited to stay with her uncle and his family in Vietnam in 2007. At the time there were few tourists in the country and this was to be Charlotte’s first taste of travel in the developing world. She was immediately hooked and following three years studying Geography at Durham University, she again journeyed into the unknown, this time spending  six months travelling around South and East Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Australia and Canada.

For a few years her thirst for adventure was kept at bay with shorter trips to the likes of Egypt and Europe.

However, in 2008 she again embarked on another six-month trip, returning to South Africa to work on a lion monitoring project, before exploring South America and the Middle East, documenting her trip pictorially as she went along. It was on this trip that she fulfilled a lifelong ambition to travel deep into the Amazon Rainforest.

Charlotte is also a member of Harrogate Brigantes Rotary Club and in 2014 she spent a month photographing a Rotary-led IT, Literacy and Economic Regeneration project in a remote area of Nepal, exhibiting her work in a number of locations locally on her return.

Christine Whitehead
Near & Far
Monday 27 February 2017

Christine has been taking pictures for “a lot of years”. Her first camera was a Standard Box Camera passed down by Dad when she was about 10. She acquired her first “real camera” (an Exa) at the age of 16. So she has been taking pictures for about 60 years. “Most of them are rubbish but I’m the only person who sees those,” she says.
She acquired her own darkroom in the 1970s and enjoyed film photography for many years but is now a firm devotee of digital and wouldn’t want to go back to film. Many people have been an inspiration over the years. Paul Wakefield and Fay Godwin were just two from an earlier era. Now, with the advent of social media, there are far too many to list and Christine “follows” lots of people.

Christine’s main interest lies in landscape and natural history photography, including macro work. She has developed a particular interest in fungi that now goes beyond photography and is heading off towards “geek” territory – she tells me.