Competitions 2022-23

1) People

3rd October for 14th November

Using any person or persons as your focus, think about composition, the background or bringing us closer, framing the image to try and give impact. Perhaps off center with a background that adds to the story or a traditional portrait.

2) Monochrome

7th November for 5th December

Reducing the image to shades of one colour gives great impact if you can pull several elements together up that work well in monochrome photos – texture, line, shape, tonal contrast, and simple composition. Any subject but consider the light as well to produce a great image.

3) Complementary Colours

6th February for 6th March

Using the colour wheel to help you work the contrasting impact of colour, produce an image that shows how striking colour can be when working in contrast to other colours. If you combine colours and hues that are separated from each other on the wheel you get a strong colour contrast.

The Colour Wheel – Understand it and your shots will improve instantly. (

4) Edges

6th March for 3rd April

There are many ways to use ‘edges in your image, thinking about shapes here are a few ideas –

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes have straight, defined edges. They are comprised of clear and uniform angles and lines.

You’ll often find geometric shapes in artificial structures, like buildings. And these shapes are often featured in abstract and architectural photography.

Organic Shapes

Organic shapes are full of curves and may not be geometrically perfect. They’re natural and non-uniform.

We find organic shapes in nature. For example, you’ll find them in the curve of a tree branch or the shape of a flower petal.

Positive Shapes

A positive shape is what we think of first when we think of a shape. The object itself makes a positive shape. If we see the object, we see its positive shape.

Negative Space

Negative space is any area of the photo that isn’t occupied by the objects. Negative space could be a crack in a canyon wall, for example, or a shape created from the outline of two positive shapes.

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