Competitions 2022-23

1) Complementary Colours

Submit by 3rd October for Judging on 14th November

Brief: Complementary colour schemes are well suited for photography because they add contrast, resulting in images that ‘pop’ off the page or screen. Using the colour wheel to help you work the contrasting impact of colour, produce an image that shows how striking colour can be when working in contrast to other colours. If you combine colours and hues that are separated from each other on opposite sides of the wheel you get a strong colour contrast. 

To better understand the colour wheel this link gives some more information

The Colour Wheel – Understand it and your shots will improve instantly. (

Judge – Ian Kendall. These are links to his two websites if you need a bio/want to put more info/links on the website.

2) People

Submit by 7th November for Judging on 5th December

Brief: Using any person or persons as your focus, think about composition, the background or bringing us closer, framing the image to try and give impact. Perhaps off centre with a background that adds to the story or a traditional portrait. If producing a portrait think about tips you may have picked up during the presentation and practical portrait workshop earlier in the season.  

Judge – Erica Oram CPAGB AFIAP BPE3*, winner of this year’s Halifax trophy (Best Author) at the YPU exhibition with a total of 9 acceptances including 1 award and 3 certificates of merit.

3) Edges

Submit by 6th February for Judging on 6th March

Brief:  To help clarify the parameters of this competition and to inspire you in creating your images, the following will hopefully assist you:  


  1. The outside limit of an object, area, place or surface 
  2. The sharpened side of the blade of a cutting implement or weapon 
    A selection of synonyms for edge: border, boundary, fringe, extremity, margin, side, rim, brink, verge, perimeter, periphery, interface, threshold, verge. 

Some further examples for you:  

The edge of an environment; the juxtaposition of environments, the point at which differing parts meet, the leading edge; the margins of a place, e.g. the edge of the stream. Or thinking beyond the literal e.g. the edge of society. 

Geometric shapes have defined edges and can appear in a variety of places in the natural and built environment or in abstract form. Organic Shapes are full of curves and may not be geometrically perfect- they’re natural and non uniform.

You are not limited to these examples. Be as creative as you wish.

Judge – Angie Willis, Angie is an amateur photographer who has always been interested in abstract images and is very creative. She has historically been an active member of RCPS and although has moved away from the area is still keen to be involved with the club. 

4) Monochrome

Submit by 6th March for Judging on 3rd April

Reducing the image to shades of one colour gives great impact if you can pull several elements together up that work well in monochrome photos – texture, line, shape, tonal contrast, and simple composition. Any subject but consider the light as well to produce a great image.

Judge TBC

5) Presidents Cup

Submit by 20th March for Judging on 17th April

Brief: The idea is to show some element of a subject from an aspect not normally seen. It could be close up or macro, out of context, an unusual angle or unexpected lighting or location. You can choose any subject matter. Confound and surprise me!

This competition is to be judged by our current president, Stuart Ward. 

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