Welcome to Ripon City Photographic Society

We live in times when nearly everyone has access to a camera via their phone and which often includes image manipulation in some form or another, as well as a huge range of cameras, lenses and filters. Sometimes our images change beyond all recognition into creative works of art. The area of image manipulation can be a contentious one and the types of images that are created can cause much discussion and debate but here at RCPS we relish that because by seeing what is possible, it can inspire you to create extraordinary images

One of the aims of our Society is to aid our members in extending their photographic skills, both in the images, they take and the post-processing to create the image you aspire to. Although one of the great things about digital photography is that you can easily delete images you are unhappy with, here at RCPS we are aiming to ensure you get your best image first time around.

We offer a number of in-house competitions over the season and as well as an increasing number of members entering images to the Yorkshire Photographic Union (YPU) and other international salons. The Committee has endeavoured to provide categories that cover various subjects in order to try and inspire everyone and we hope the feedback from the judges can also give you pointers to develop your skills further, so we encourage you all to enter the competitions.

Word from our Acting President

This has been a roller coaster year so far and I hope that this crazy, unbelievable time has been tolerable for you and that you and your loved ones are safe and well. 

We haven’t been able to have an AGM and our much valued and experienced President has taken the decision to stand down so as Vice-President I am standing in until we are able to have an AGM and an official change of committee. 

If you have any queries or comments please contact myself or one of the committee members. 

In those wonderfully carefree days pre-covid we planned an exciting and interesting full season programme for you, with speakers, competitions and workshop evenings. We are doing our best to bring you this programme but there will be a need to be flexible, changes are bound to happen and we have to be mindful of how best to ensure we are doing the best possible to keep everyone safe. 

With that in mind we have begun to look at different venues that offer a more open and airier environment in an effort to be as inclusive as possible. We will be offering zoom meetings, outside workshops and competitions for digital images only this year.

One of the main aims this season was to try and offer as much support and opportunity for photographic growth as possible, with the idea of mentorship, editing input, camera use, specific help in your chosen genre  – for example macro, landscape, soft water, intentional camera movement etc;  our overall aim is to try our best  and bring you as much as we can within the scope of the ever changing world we have found ourselves in. 

The society is a place for anyone who has a fondness for photography and wants to meet like-minded people, expand their knowledge, learn about different types of images and how to get the most out of their photography. We have an abundance of knowable members who will be prepared to help you if you are stuck with camera settings or looking to edit and print your own images. The most exciting and effective way to learn to improve your photography is through direct experience and exposure (excuse the pun) to the work of others; learning about light and shadows, lines and angles, frames and focal points, colour and monochrome, layering and horizons, depth of field and leading lines, movement and negative space, patterns and repetition, rules of odds and thirds, silhouettes and spirals are all part and parcel of a photographers foundation knowledge – whether you are a beginner with a phone camera or a professional with a cupboard full of DSLR’S, whether you know your ISO’s from your ‘F’ numbers or not, we welcome your input and look forward to taking you by your virtual hand to join us on zoom or to enjoy sharing a workshop with us. Eventually we hope to be able to enjoy indoor meetings, coffee, tea and an abundance of cake!

Please use the contact page to send us your details if you are interested in joining the society and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Suzanne Lamb

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