YPU Exhibition Entry Information.

  1. You must register with the YPU to enter the Competition – You can do this at ypuportal.org.uk/portal
    You will elect your own individual password, do not share this unless you are dealing directly with a YPU COMMITTEE MEMBER WHEN DEALING WITH A LOG ON ISSUE.
    Send your DPIs & print copy DPIs to alipimages@gmail.com and copy to the RCPS Competition email address: (rcps.competition@gmail.com) detail your YPU Membership number, your Name, & PDI or Print title, and your preferred category to have them entered. You can also bring them on a memory stick to the club for collection. Use our standard club entry form if you are handing them in and please indicate your preferred contact preference in case there is an issue with your submission. The same goes for prints – each print entry
    requires a DPI of your print. The DPI size is the same as our club size DPIs and for the print copies 1600 (long size) x 1200 Pixels Landscape format or 1200 pixels Long Side Vertical height or 1200 x 1200 Square for upright compositions. The Max image size is 1.9 M/ byte. If your image is larger, it won’t be possible to input it into the YPU Web. To resize just choose, for example, 1500 for landscape long side or 1100 for vertical compositions and keep downsizing until you meet the 1.9mpixels. max. image size.
  2. The closing date is the 23rd Feb at midnight. We would prefer you had your images and prints in on Monday 14th Feb. or the very latest before the last club night before this deadline Feb 21st . We need time to input these images and to resolve any tech issues. We also need to print the print labels with the YPU dedicated barcode before they will be accepted.
  3. The prints will be delivered to Carleton Community Centre on the 26th Feb by myself ( Alistair Peterson )
  4. Please mark your prints with an indication on the reverse side which is the viewing top side
  5. Print Size mount is the club standard 400 x 500mm & + or – 2mm in dimension, and no more than 4mm thick to ensure any winning prints fit the YPU Standard display frame. Coloured mounts are OK. No titles on the front / plain mount, all details on the rear. Winning prints, if selected for PAGB INCLUSION, WILL BE RETAINED FOR 1 YEAR and returned at next year’s entry date.
  6. If your print / DPI has been in another Salon with a credit awarded, the title must be the same.
  7. You can enter 10 DPIs total in different sections – including Mobile
  8. You can enter 10 Prints similarly in different sections
  9. All entries are £1.50 each – please pay the Ripon Treasurer – We pay the club total fees direct to the YPU.
  10. If you are in doubt, read the rules on our Club Website, it describes in detail what is required of each section ref what is acceptable. The YPU Pdf is 10 pages. If you have a query that is not covered contact myself and we will get the answer. Mobile entries will need the Exif Data in the PDI metadata file to show that they are genuine Mobile phone taken entries. No fully generated computer images are acceptable.
  11. If you do not indicate on your club entry form which particular competition category you wish your DPI or print to be entered in, we will allocate as we see fit and inform you.
  12. When titling your entry, the Max number of characters is 32 – this includes any punctuation marks. No abbreviated characters are accepted in the titles. See the rules if in doubt.
  13. The DPI categories are: Open Colour, Open Mono, Portrait, Sport Action, Nature, Travel, Scapes, Creative, Mobile, and Young Photographer.
  14. The Print Categories are: Open Colour, Open Mono, Architecture & Record, People Portrait & Figure Studies, Sport Action, Nature Prints, Creative Prints, Travel Prints, Scapes Prints, and Young Photographer Prints.
  15. DPIs should be JPEG – sRGB Colour Space – Baseline Standard, not enhanced.
  16. The YPU request that you do not include a border frame outside the image. You can enter trade printed photographs.
  17. For authentication, you must copy your submission to the RCPS Competition email address listed above; this is to be held for present & future archive purposes.

My contact details as the RCPS YPU Rep are Mob: 07732 167646 and email: alipimages@gmail.com

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