Competitions 2023-24

‘Yorkshire Life’

Show us the best of our beautiful county! This competition includes land and sea ‘scapes and any of the people, places and buildings within the boundaries of North, South, East and West Yorkshire. You may also include any still life or other image that epitomises ‘Yorkshire’.


This competition includes any aspect of movement in the traditional sense whether that be of an animal, person or object and can use panning techniques to freeze the subject in time and blur the background or any other technique that depicts movement. This can also include intentional camera movement techniques or zoom burst techniques. Think about motion blur and use of slow shutter speeds/long exposure times and this can include astrophotography to show any aspect of star trails or other planetary movement.


This competition is for a panel of 3 associated images that are intended to be appreciated together. The category is ‘open’ so any subject matter, colour or monochrome, may be entered. Triptychs can be different elements of the same subject matter (eg an object as a whole and its fine detail) or can be used to impart a narrative or create a sequence but the images should be closely related or themed to give a combined experience. Alternatively, a triptych can be one image split into 3 for effect. Please note that each set of 3 images is one ‘entry’ and as per usual RCPS competition rules members can enter up to three print entries total and 3 PDI’s (which could mean up to 18images per member!). Each triptych entry of 3 images in ‘PRINT’ should be mounted within one piece of mount of maximum size 400×500 (These can be printed as a set and mounted within one aperture, mounted within 3 separate apertures or stuck directly onto the mount board. Each PDI triptych entry of 3 images needs to be combined into 1 jpeg so it can be viewed as all three images together. RCPS will run a workshop prior to the competition to make sure that members unfamiliar with any of the techniques involved have ample opportunity to learn.  Remember that the three images will be judged as a ‘set’ so make sure that none of the three have reduced technical quality as this may affect the overall placing of the entry. 


We want to see the best of your wildlife, flora and fauna! Nature photography is defined as the use of the photographic process to depict all branches of natural history except anthropology and archaeology although please note for this competition we are not including ‘scapes. Scientific bands or radiocollars on wild animals are permissable as are images taken with the subjects in controlled conditions such as zoos, botanical gardens and aquariums. We will allow post-processing techniques that enhance the presentation of the photograph but request that members aim for all adjustments to appear natural. 

To give members some ideas, all of the following could be included: 

  • Animal Portraits
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Urban Wildlife ( in the town or in your garden )
  • Underwater
  • Small World ( Macro, Close up )
  • Plants
  • Flowers
  • Seeds

Presidents Cup. ‘Reflections’

An image that is a reflection in water, on a shiny surface etc either in part or a whole. Any subject matter as long as it is or includes a reflection. 

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