Competition Info

To keep everything on an even playing field, there are a few rules around competition entries – but please don’t let these put you off! If you have any queries just ask a member of the Committee.

General Rules

  1. All entries should carry the image title and your membership number only – do not identify prints or digital images with your name
  2. All images must be the photographer’s own work
  3. Entries must be in the possession of the Competition Secretary by the published closing date. Late entries will not be accepted
  4. Members may normally enter a maximum of 3 prints and 3 Digital Projected images (DPI’s) . However, if the total number of competition entries exceeds 100 the Competition secretary will reduce each member’s entry to a maximum of two print and 2 DPI’s. This will be done by removing the 3 rd entry you listed. Therefore please list in preferential order ie your best image 1 st etc.
  5. You must be a member of the Society to enter competitions
  6. Any image which has gained a place or a highly commended award in a Society competition should not be entered in any other club competition
  7. If your image is placed, highly commended or commended you agree for it to displayed on the society web site and you may be asked to give a commentary e.g. why, where, how altered.
  8. New for 2022/2023 the DPI entries are split into Smartphone Dpi’s or Non-Smartphone (eg camera!) Dpi’s, which will be judged as separate categories. A total maximum of 3 DPI’s entries still stands, but these can be split any way you choose eg 1x Smartphone DPI and 2x standard DPI’s.

Specific Rules – Prints

  1. All prints should be flat or window mounted on card or foam board
  2. The minimum print size is 6 x 4 inches
  3. The minimum mount size is A4 (297 x 210 mm)
  4. The maximum mount size is 20 x 16 inches

NB. the YPU required mount size is precisely 500 x 400mm

All print entries should be accompanied by a digital copy, as per the rules for digital entries to allow winners to be posted on the society website.

Specific Rules – Digital Images

  1. All images will be displayed on a television, either via a computer or direct from a memory stick
  2. Images need to be in Baseline (‘Standard’) jpg format, not Progressive jpg format
  3. Basic instructions on resizing digital images for competitions are available on the website. Please click here
  4. Images should be named with title followed by memberships number.jpeg e.g. Tranquil Evening 24-22.jpeg.
  5. Please submit your digital entry via email to or on a memory stick marked with your membership number.


The judge of each competition will be asked to select a first, second and third placed image in each media type (plus a maximum of three ‘highly commended’ and three ‘commended’ entries) and decide which of the first placed images they deem to be ‘best overall’ – and hence the trophy winner.

Competition results will be displayed on the website.

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