Competitions 2021 – 2022

1) Open Competition

20th September for 18th October

Showing some of the images you have managed to take during Covid – any time from March 2020 to the present day – as with all ‘open’ categories the choice of image is entirely up to you and at the moment we have to say that it will be digital entries only – if this changes we will let you know.

2) Up Close and Personal

11th October for 8th November

A celebration of close-up, macros and even micro- or telephoto-photography – to help showcase images that help us see the world anew.

Any creative technique may be used. A picture taken with the subject close to the camera, it generally means any photo that shows the subject closer and in more detail than we’re used to. You can apply it to crop a headshot, a flower stamen or even the moon. So it might be not so much about the nearness of the subject as it is about the field of view. The actual closeness may be secondary to the closeness that is shown. What is important in the close-up is the feeling of immediate proximity to the subject and the expression of detail in the subject. Thus, a close-up is to some extent a subjective or artistic interpretation rather than a stated distance.

3) Gardens

1st November for 29th November

Your own garden, flowers, seed heads or shrubs. An overview of small personal spaces or the grandeur of stately homes and grounds. It is entirely up to you to show us your best images depicting and presenting the title of this category.

4) Dusk to Dawn

17th January for 14th February

Gives you the option to practice evening / night photography, so many options at this time of year, star trails for those more adventurous or street images, the blue hour, a view with an atmosphere – be safe, be seen and get some great images to share.

5) Water Water

7th February for 7th March

An opportunity to let your imagination go, be creative with slow shutter or fast shutter , to capture the soft natural beauty, the creative man made image or wait for that perfect light and capture that tremendous scenic view; whether it is at the coast or inland, in your garden or in your kitchen – just remembering to be safe and not to get wet!

6) President’s Cup – Your Favorite Holiday Snap

28th February for 14th March

‘Your Favorite Holiday Snap’ – any holiday, inspired by Enid Blyton or not, anywhere, take me to that place and let the image show why you’d go back again …or maybe why you wouldn’t ! I love going away and seeing different places, wildlife, street culture, friends, family, the scenery, the air and the feel of a place – share those images with us.

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