Press Release for Monday 15th Feb 2021

On Monday evening we were treated to a zoom presentation by Joe Wainwright. He is an award winning, international, professional freelance, garden photographer from North East Wales. He is widely published in magazines including, Gardeners world, Country Living and National Trust literature. He is the many times winner of many awards, including the Garden Photographer of the year .His interest in photography has been lifelong.

Joe’s talk and beautiful images, showed how to take a clever, careful, composition, which could be used on the front of a prestigious magazine. He discussed rule of thirds, leading lines, framing, depth of field  and light. To show a garden at its best, planting detail and features such as gates, statues, paths  are so important. There should be maximum content  and flow to the image. The sky can be filled with image framing blossom trees. Get down low to take the shot to increase the flower planting and minimise any large grass or  gravel areas. Early morning diffused light allows the best capture of the colours of the flowers and foliage. Symmetry, horizontal or vertical is a great way of showing many garden planting patterns and features.

Joe showed beautiful images taken in many gardens in the north of England, including Bodnant, Stretton Old Hall ,Tatton Park, and the Dorothy Clive Garden.

Magazine covers and articles often need front to back sharpness of the image, to highlight the gardens beauty and to tempt the reader to visit .The images should also allow the placement of text. To be a successful garden photographer is very demanding of photographic technical skill, plant and garden knowledge, and commercial needs. Joe obviously has these in spades!

Thankyou so much for your perfect presentation and thank you Helen Tabor for finding Joe.

On the 1st of March we have the judging of World in Motion.

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