Press Release 17th October 2022

On Monday 17th October we held a workshop on taking Portraits in a studio setting. The studio lighting was supplied by John Dennis and Iain Cairns. For information see, JDPhotography. John, very patiently, and with good humour, talked everyone through their camera settings and adjusted the lighting to get the classical Rembrandt lighting, backlighting, and  much more.

Sarita, our lovely model, had traditional silk dresses of many colours and jewellery  to complement her beautiful hair and makeup.

Stuart our president introduced a musician friend Pete Fleetham and his mandolin. They played and posed under coloured lights creating magical images and sounds.

We also had chance to photograph a stunning wolfhound called , Gelert. Thankyou katie Fitzgerald for giving the members such a well behaved alternative model.

The busy, interactive, helping each other evening, was perfectly complemented with Sarita’s signature cakes from Realitea and Heather’s chocolate cake. A very big thank you to everyone who gave their time and effort to such a successful evening.

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