Press Report 10 October 2022

On Monday October 10th Richard Egan FRPS, gave a presentation, “Producing Portraits.” Richard is a fine art photographer, who has a long association with our society. It was an amazing evening, Richard is witty and so talented. His ability to use beautiful models, often with ballet training and to carefully place them in the most elegant of buildings is a remarkable skill. Architecture including, windows, doorways, staircases and grand ornate scenes are carefully researched to compliment the model.

The ability to pose the model down to the position of a  fingernail showed the care required to achieve a beautiful piece of work. Alongside pose, is the use of mostly natural light on all parts of the human body to ensure a perfect composition. The lightest part of the image is where the eye will rest.

What an amazing, lively, informative evening. Thank you Richard I feel we will all take more care to look at the detail in our portrait photography.

Richard donates all monies from his talks to Yorkshire Cancer Research.

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